Ecommerce Themes for WordPress: Identifying the Best

Ecommerce Themes for WordPress: Identifying the Best

Choosing a good theme is an integral part of starting an e-commerce website. During the selection process, you have to decide on whether to use free or premium themes from WordPress.

But it is not always that simple. There are considerations that you need to make before settling on a theme.

E-commerce Themes for WordPress: Premium Themes Vs. Free Themes

Premium themes are preferred by many site owners for the simple reason that they will receive support. Many developers build free themes as some types of passion projects. As such, you are not guaranteed to receive any help in the future, or updates for the theme.

When you choose a premium theme, you are assured of:

  • Regular updates
  • Access to support
  • Good documentation

Some developers and theme shops even go ahead and furnish you with:

  • Free blog setup support and services
  • Video tutorials
  • Demo content

With that out of the way, you need to consider the following when selecting your preferred theme:

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The theme will most probably be in use in your website for a while. Your users will within this time have become accustomed to the design. You should, therefore, choose a design that is pleasing, and one that can be used for many months without having to be modified over and over again.

Good designers rely on many elements when creating a theme, they include:

  • Use of beautiful images
  • Good color combination
  • Clean layouts
  • Good topography

The Proper combination of these factors will leave you with a website that is consistent and appealing to all your site visitors. You will, thus, have a product that is not only appealing, but one that meets your business needs as well.

Presentation vs. the Features

Plugins and themes have one significant difference: the themes handle the presentation aspect, while the plugins deal with the functional aspects.

The premium market is however overly competitive, which leads to some developers adding functionality aspects to themes. As much as it sounds right, this is considered bad coding practice.

Once a theme starts to carry out the functions of a plugin, it becomes difficult for you to switch from one theme to another easily.

You will also need to pay attention to the speed security features of a theme. Beginner developers fail to take this into account. Failure to follow the best coding practices will expose you and your clientele. Your e-commerce site will be more vulnerable to hacking attacks that may compromise client information.

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